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Welcome To TwinkPay.com

Sometimes it can seem like working with the most popular programs on the web is an uphill battle; from questionable affiliate program terms to dwindling conversions and all kinds of snags in between, getting content promoted so you can get paid isn't always the easiest of tasks. Investing your time and effort with a well-established set of sites linked by a dependable up-and-coming affiliate program can turn over much higher profits, and it's exactly this happy ending that TwinkPay aims to deliver.

TwinkPay is an exciting new program representing some of the strongest Gay Asian and Twink Fetish sites online. Our family of sites, which have been leading these lucrative niches since 1999, consistently pull in impressive conversions with high-quality content, frequent updates and tours that keep customers –and their credit cards-- coming back for more.

Visitors can't get enough of these addictive sites, and TwinkPay will allow you to capitalize on it. With attractive rev share, rebills, and webmaster referral offerings, TwinkPay provides a comprehensive affiliate solution for getting the very best out of the gay Asian and African arena. You'll find reliable, regular payouts, easy-to-navigate stats and other vital information, and of course a helpful affiliate program manager capable of answering any question or concern that you might have along the way.


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